Lorenz.OG's Nike Air Max 95 "Dusk & Volcano" pack is exclusive to Pairs

Lorenzo Federici, the customiser widely recognised as Lorenz.OG, is poised to reveal his exclusive Air Max 95s to the public at a distinctive event. The eagerly awaited "AIR in Colour" exhibition, commencing in London this weekend, will serve as the venue for this thrilling launch.

The "AIR in Colour" exhibition not only unveils the latest "Dusk" and "Volcano" Air Max 95s but also presents a compilation of Lorenz.OG's previous designs. A visual delight for sneaker enthusiasts, this showcase guarantees an immersive experience.

Taking place from January 27th to January 28th at 59 Greek St. in London, the "AIR in Colour" exhibition distinguishes itself with a unique ticket distribution system. Unlike the conventional first-come, first-served approach, this event introduces an element of surprise.




For those eager to secure the custom kicks, the "Dusk" and "Volcano" Air Max 95s will be available in UK sizes 5 to 13. Priced at £110, mirroring the model's original 1995 retail cost, these exclusive sneakers offer a nostalgic touch. Equivalent to approximately $140 USD, they present a rare chance for sneaker enthusiasts to own a piece of iconic footwear history.

In essence, Lorenz.OG's "AIR in Colour" exhibition is not just an opportunity to acquire unique Air Max 95s but also a celebration of his creative journey, bringing together past and present designs in a visually captivating experience. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this exclusive event in the heart of London.


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